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Baymax with its prototype "ASIMO"

Baymax is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6. He is a healthcare robot and member of the superhero team of the same name, who is a sidekick to Hiro Hamada. He is based on the Marvel character of the same name from the Marvel Comic Book Series Big Hero 6.

Baymax was created by the brilliant Tadashi Hamada as a healthcare providing robot nurse for the citizens of San Fransyoko and his brother, Hiro Hamada. Tadashi's goal in creating Baymax was to help improve healthcare around the world, basically wanting nothing more than to use his creation and genius for the better of humanity. To provide him with his programming, and overall personality, Baymax was given a special chip with Tadashi's inscriptions, which makes him the lovable robot he truly is. Without it, he can be conceived as an entirely different being. As programming would have, Baymax is instantly summoned by the sound of distress, and can only deactivate once his current patient states "I am satisfied with my care." Here are Baymax with its prototype "ASIMO".

Now, we can know Baymax with its prototype by these pictures! Do you like it?Whether you like it or not, I like it very much!

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