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How One Woman Lost Half Her Size

POPSUGAR: What made you decide to start?
Taryn Haley: In January of 2012, I made the decision to try working out at a gym. This wasn’t the first time I had worked out at a gym — it wasn’t the first time I had tried to get healthy. People often ask me this question, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I wish I could say I had some romantic moment where I had the whip cream aerosol can in my mouth and heard a divine voice say, “Taryn, this is not the life for you,” but no. I had no “This is the time I’m going to succeed!” mentality. I had a few motivators, including wanting to conceive a child with my husband, and a faraway dream of being a certain size and looking a certain way. But mainly the reason I started getting healthy is . . . well . . . that’s what you do when you’re heavy — you think about losing weight and being thin, yet never really thinking you will.

PS: What’s your favorite way to work out?
TH: My absolute favorite exercise is running. I enjoy many different types of workouts, both strength and cardio, but find that nothing gives me the results and the same endorphin-boosting satisfaction as running. I run on the treadmill and outdoors, and at the beginning of this year, I have committed to running at least one road race per month, my longest thus far being a 15K.

PS: What’s your weekly exercise schedule?
TH: Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, I do a workout that combines strength training with some cardio (typically treadmill or elliptical). Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, I complete 45 minutes to one hour of straight cardio, typically running outdoors or doing the elliptical, and will add some core work (crunches, etc.) at the end. Thursdays are my “off” days, and that doesn’t mean vegging out on the couch and doing nothing! I’ll go out dancing or go for a nice walk, but nothing too intense, and I’ll also foam roll to work out muscles and allow them a day to recover.

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