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Louisiana restaurants are projected

Louisiana restaurants are projected to generate $6.8 billion in sales this year, according to the National Restaurant Association. A growing number of Louisiana restaurants are adding drop-off catering to increase profits and diversify operations.

Catering continues to be big business for restaurants. As a group, restaurants account for nearly five times the catering revenue of retailers—$19.3 billion annually versus $4.0 billion, says a recent study by Technomic, a premier food industry research firm. Restaurants that invest dedicated resources towards catering report that it generates 20 percent of their total sales. This figure supports the National Restaurant Association’s claim that if done well a restaurant’s catering operation can be a lucrative revenue stream.

“Most restaurant owners understand that drop-off catering is a great way to increase sales and diversify operations,” says Michael Rosman, CEO of The Corporate Caterer. “However, many struggle with how to launch and grow a successful operation.”

With over 25 years experience in the restaurant and catering industry, Rosman grew a start-up cate

ring division at a Boston suburban restaurant into a $1.8 million a year operation. In January 2013, he and his team of experts launched The Corporate Caterer website. The subscription-based website offers practical information and tools for people who seek to start or grow a drop-off catering operation. “I started The Corporate Caterer to help restaurant owners and caterers achieve maximum success by avoiding pitfalls and time-zapping mistakes,” says Rosman.

The popularity of corporate drop-off catering continues to expand beyond lunch. A recent study, involving 1,200 decision-makers in the business and medical markets, by Technomic found that one in five (19 percent of) surveyed order breakfast catering at least once a week, compared to 13 percent in 2007. The percent of catered dinner orders also increased with 26 percent indicating that they order catered-in dinners at work at least monthly, up from 18 percent four years ago.

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