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Winter often eat fat diet of porridge, not sexy will slip through your fingers

Fat thin porridge as long as the often eat delicious winter, MM need not fear sexy from your body away, if you are interested, then hurried over to have a look.
Wax gourd Oolong porridge: light edema
Winter because of the cold, the circulation of the blood flow velocity slows down, so that the limb blood circulation will become bad, if you find yourself often cold hands and feet and even numbness, that means your blood circulation is not
smooth. The body of poor blood circulation, will lead directly to the local edema, long-term accumulation of toxins and wastes will lead to obesity. Therefore Winter should focus on removing edema, promote circulation and metabolism, let you easily lose weight.

Red dates and ginger porridge: fat burning to the body cold
Chinese medicine believes that the cold in the body is a kind of chronic symptoms, such as cold hands and feet, resistance is weak, the weak stomach, in the winter, easy to catch cold sick, eat something on abdominal distension and diarrhea,  it is because the body can not be discharged due to cold. Cold body poison can not be discharged, metabolic rate will decline, but people will become lazy and weak, it is fuelling fertilizer Fat sources, must be removed.
Ginseng Poria porridge: Qi promoting metabolism
Some girls don't eat much, but always feel bloated, although they will normal detoxification every day, but the overall feeling of stool row not clean feeling. TCM holds that the body deficiency of Qi and blood can cause insufficient power, both bowel
movements, or The new supersedes the old. organ detoxification, will have a xinyouyu inadequate feeling. To solve the problem first puffiness The first is to increase the metabolic power to the body, rather than go on a diet to lose weight.

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