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6 Ways TO Give You A Different Hair Experience

Okay, hair isn't the be all and end all, but a bad hair day can really dampen our mood, and in the midst of summer they seem to happen more and more. Think about it; you've got humidity, rain, aircon and a whole slew of hot weather woes, so to give your tresses a fighting chance, why not turn it around with these fix-it-up tricks?

1. Curl it under: best for hiding split ends

The best way to hide split ends is to snip them off completely, but when you can't bag a haircut appointment, try this trick to keep them tucked away. You can still boast flowing locks if you simply curl the ends under, which gives some bounce to your tresses and masks those frayed ends out of sight. You can do it with straighteners but you'll get more body if you nail this style with a hairdryer; simply twirl the tips around a round brush and blast with some heat to lock it in.

2. Accessorise: best for last-minute parties

When in doubt, style it out, or something to that effect. A hair accessory, when cleverly placed, can hide all manners of sins. And if you don't have time for intricate chignons when a last minute party is on the cards, popping in something glitzy and feminine will draw eyes away from kinks and frizz.
Why not keep an embellished headband to hand for when you're running low on time? It hides a fussy fringe, disguises oily roots, and if the lengths have been rained on, it will glam up basic buns.

3. Try a slick pony: best for when you've overslept

A new study shows that 68% of us feel a bad hair day = bad work day. But let's face it, that extra time in bed is oh-so-tempting to take. You could check out our I Woke Up Like This Hairstyles to tease your locks the night before, or you could spend one minute nailing this style that's simple yet sophisticated.
It's a slick pony - okay, not ground-breaking - but how you do it is what makes the difference. Instead of weighing day-old hair down with pomades, slick it back with a touch of conditioner. A small dollop can smooth out frizz completely imperceptibly, so comb it through, pull hair into a centre part and tie it above the nape of your neck.

4. Tie it up: best for when humidity strikes

Fight humidity like Vanessa Hudgens by wrapping up your locks - a bright headscarf can calm a frizzy crown and make your boring bun look stylish. Throw your locks into a high topknot and don't worry about stray flyaways. Once you've tied a scarf at the top of your head, that frizzy halo looks cool, not accidental.

5. Braid through the wave: best for a fussy fringe

When a bad hair day strikes, the first place that wilts will always be your fringe, so instead of dealing with kinks and limpness, why not braid it out Emma Stone style?
When her bangs were overdue a chop she tried this girly look to keep hair under control, and we recommend it for when your fringe refuses to play nice. Simply form a side part and start braiding the front from the very root, working through your entire lengths then tying with a clear elastic.

6. Work the halo braid: best for oily roots

A ponytail or wearing locks loose can put oily roots on full display, but a halo braid can work with your hair woe and give your style a pretty revamp. Try it out a la Kate Bosworth then top it off with a glossing mist, which makes it look like all that shine is actually intentional.

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