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"Smoke" and "taste" it too

Today let's talk about taste and big smoke. First clear a point of view, good oil is like a tea, should be "product" rather than "swallow", "big smoke" and "taste" it too ~

Said it must be someone will stand up and say XX products, first-class palate with smoke. Then I can explain: in many ways

First big smoke inlet must be big! But taste type atomizer Such as "renju" are single inlet Is famous for its small intake, because much air mixing, will lead to change the taste of administrative levels and the essence of atomization. At this point is enough to kill "have it all". General good composite oil layers and clear, mellow taste, with a big smoke extraction waste more…

Second, we are big smoke with the method of "lung", because "mouth" absorb smoke volume is limited. Let's pick up the equipment in the hands of a test under direct pulmonary suction mouth and taste the same? The lung is swallowed.

This is not to say that the big smoke is bad ~ two kinds of different feelings, as captain I also play smoke, really hits the spot. Good taste needs us to savor, smoke oil entrance to contact the feeling of taste buds mixed feeling.

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