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About JayBo Design's hybrid Noisy Cricket Mech Mod By Wismec

JayBo Design's hybrid Noisy Cricket Mech Mod By Wismec has been making waves and earning a reputation as the best new mechanical mod to come along in a long, long time.  Fans are unanimous in their praise of this little two-18650 mech; it's got massive power, beautiful looks and clean operation.  What more could you ask for?  And with series wired 18650 batteries, the Noisy Cricket likes to get rowdy.  Pop your favorite 7-9 volt RDA build on the Cricket and crush huge fog.

The Cricket's batteries sit in series and load by unscrewing the SMPL-style firing cap and the hybrid 510-threaded, gold plated atomizer mounting plate.  Remember that you need to use an RDA with an adjustable centerpin or a tank that is specifically designed for use on a hybrid mod in order to use the hybrid-connection Cricket safely.  And also remember to never place your batteries in parallel on this mod.


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