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2018 Latest High Power Mod - Tesla Poker 218 Mod

Latest high power mod, Poker 218

What I want to recommend to you today is the latest Vape Mod, Poker 218 Mod from Teslacig. This device with camouflage elements and poker face elements has a highly recognizable look. It is made of Zinc alloy to ensure a higher manufacturing process. So what kind of experience does it have? Let's take a look.

What is Telsa Poker 218 Mod

The Poker 218 Mod is a Box Mod with dual 18650 batteries and a maximum output of 218W. It supports multiple output modes, KA/TC-SS316/TC-NI200/TC-TI/TCR mode. We are free to choose the Vape Atomizer we want. Whether it is RBAs, Vape Tanks are well equipped.

Unlike the previous high power mod, the Pocker 218 has four optional Taste Modes, Norm/Soft/Hard/User.

Make sure we get the most wanted vaping effect. It is equipped with an OLED display and an adjustment button for a more comfortable experience.

Unique in appearance but excellent in performance. If this is what you want, Telsa Poker 218 won't let you down.

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