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Augvape Jewel Tank Disposable Mesh Sub-ohm Tank Is it Worth Trying?

Vape Atomizer is an indispensable part of vaping. We all know that if you want to maintain an optimal taste, then the Atomizer coil is the most important part. If you are also suffering from frequent coil changes, then you can check out the Augvape Jewel Disposable Tank.

How about Augvape Jewel?

Augvape Jewel is a disposable vape tank. It is made from food grade and has a 3ml e-juice capacity. It supports our Refilling e-juice but does not support disassembly. This means that it does not need to replace the coil! This design brings benefits and disadvantages.

It is made of lightweight materials for better portability. The fully enclosed structure is very good at avoiding e-juice leaks. Most importantly, we don't need to buy a separate coil or replace the coil. When the taste is abnormal, you can continue to enjoy the happiness of vaping by replacing a new tank.

The 0.15-ohm mesh coil supports 50-70W output, and a single battery-powered device can also be driven. Massive vapor can be easily obtained. However, we can't change other coils to get different feelings. Also, the non-removable design is not easy to clean.

Compared to the Atomizer on the market, Augvape Jewel Tank has the same atomization capability but makes it easier to use. The one-off design has more flexibility. It is a good choice for users who like DL Vaping and massive vapor. But for MTL Vaping users, it will reduce the scope of e-juice use.

So what do you think?

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