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Aspire Tigon AIO Kit, free shipping!

It featured both MTL and DTL options in a bid to offer complete versatility among new and seasoned vapers alike.

The device features a 1300mAh internal battery, which can provide 3.3-4.2v of power output. However, in typical Aspire fashion, it is not regulated and will be a bypass output device. This means as the battery depletes, the available power will also decrease.

However, decreasing power may not be an issue, as the Tigon AIO comes with a USB-C charge port, which will support 2A fast charging.

There’s an LED indicator light that surrounds the fire button on the device, which will show your battery status when in use.

However, it is good to see they have used USB-C and that it supports fast charging, that should go some way to offset the bypass power output.

Aspire Tigon AIO Pod

The Tigon AIO comes with either a 4.6ml capacity pod or 2ml (TPD). There is a fill port positioned on the base of the pod, with an anchored rubber plug.

The pods feature a Bayonet twist-lock design to connect them to the device, which prevents them from falling off.

The device also features adjustable airflow, and there is a small slider control switch positioned just above the fire button.

The coils have a push and pull design, so they are incredibly easy to install, and the Tigon AIO also has a seal to prevent juice leaking when you change the coil.

There are currently three options available:

0.4-ohm (23-28W)
0.7-ohm mesh coil (20-25W)
1.2-ohm (10-12W)
The Tigon AIO comes with both a 0.4-ohm and 0.7-ohm mesh coil included in the kit.

I really like the overall look of the Tigon AIO Kit, and it has a nice modern design.

I’m also a fan of the Tigon coils; they deliver a superb vape and are incredibly easy for inexperienced vapers to use.

To all of the above,  I would also like to share a special gift with you. Enjoy!

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