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2018 Best RDA E-cigarette Mod | Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod

Wismec is no stranger to any friend who likes RDA Vaping. This is an e-cigarette brand that focuses on bringing vaper to a superb level of experience. All this must be thanks to Wisme's constant exploration. Of course, Jay Bo is also a key figure. Today is also an RDA E-cigarette Mod, LUXOTIC NC Mod.

This is a very personal product. Friends who like it will love its unique style. Then before you buy, let's look at the Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod details. With a compact size, this product can accommodate two 20700./18650 batteries. Yes, it has a super powerful 250W output. You don't have to worry about it losing a lot of convenience because you don't have a display. Actually, it brings more fun. If you are a vapor chaser then you must have heard of the mechanical vape mod. This product, like LUXOTIC NC, uses knobs to adjust the voltage, resulting in an unimaginably large output. There is a switch at the top of this product that makes it easy to switch between parallel and series mode. Where can I purchase WiSMec LUXOTIC NC high power Mod? I think you can find what you want on Cloumix.com. This is an online store that will provide LUXOTIC NC Mod with a three-month warranty. Most importantly, it only costs $39.44 and you can get LUXOTIC NC. what are you waiting for?

2018 Best RDA E-cigarette Mod Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod

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