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Aspire Puxos Vape Kit | If You Want More Fun From E-cigarettes

Aipre has always been loved by everyone with its excellent taste. When we talk about the Apire e-cigarette brand, our first thought is its nautilus series Tank and Cleito Tank. These two series of products bring you extraordinary vaping experience. What about Aspire Puxos Vape Kit today?

Unusual people can appreciate its charm

What is Puxos Vape Kit? This is a Starter Kit designed especially for vaper who have their own ideas. This is a machine that allows us to set according to our own ideas. With a magnetic design, we are free to replace our favorite battery cover. Of course, we can also choose the energy supply we want from 21700/20700/18650 batteries. With two adjustment buttons, the output power can be adjusted between 1-100W (18650 battery can only be adjusted at 1-80W power).

Aspire Puxos Vape Kit

OLED display not only brings more intuitive data display, but also greatly reduces energy consumption. The newly introduced Cleito pro appeared on this device as one of them. The upgraded atomizer structure allows the user to replace the coil after unscrewing the top cup without removing it completely. I think the most important thing is that this atomizer supports the use of the Cleito series of coil sharing, which means that we can continue the previous taste on this product. Really great. If you are a friend who pays great attention to the taste of e-cigarette, then this product will give you a better upgrade in the experience. And its flexible design allows you to freely set the style you want. I think no one will reject it. Of course, I think if someone can appreciate it, then this person must be extraordinary.

 If You Want More Fun From Aspire Puxos Vape Kit

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