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Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review

Hey, what I want to share today is an RDA from Digiflavor. As a brand that players like, Digiflavor brings us a lot of highly portable e-cigarette equipment, so what about today's product?

I think I need to share more Digiflavor DROP SOLO RDA details with you. This device allows us to install a single coil and allows the use of any material we like. Unlike Sub-Ohm Tank and MTL RDA, this is an obvious massive vapor maker.

With a gradient airflow ring inside it, I got the desired air intake by rotating the airflow ring. Unlike previous products, DROP SOLO uses a side airflow control system. This is an excellent way to avoid the problem of bottom leakage like the ordinary Atomizer.

For an RDA, we need to add e-juice frequently. For this problem, DROP SOLO gives two solutions, and one is to increase the depth of the atomizer base and equip us with a BF Pin. Both ways are excellent to solve the troubles caused by the frequent addition of e-juice, what do you think?

Compared to other RDAs with two coil buildings, this device allows a single coil to get better air contact for better vapor production and a rich taste. In short, I highly recommend it to every vaper who like RDA Vape.

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