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A Big Wave Of New Products Hit And What Do You See

Recently, all major brands have released many new products in the Internet and I'm dazzled. I am looking at the atomizer today and will be attracted by another brand tomorrow. Let's take a look at the latest two new releases.

1. iCare 2
ICare2 is a new product made by Eleaf. When this product comes out, many people have bought it. Why is the Eleaf iCare 2 so popular? In fact, it is so beautiful. Its appearance is exquisite and smooth. It looks super fashion. It is mainly composed of a detachable 2ml tank and an internal 650mAh battery. It has an intuitive four-color LED that allows you to check the battery status. Finally, Eleaf iCare 2 has an USB interface. This interface can be used for charging or upgrading its firmware.

2. ELLO Mini
People who like small atomizer and look over. You must like this new product. It is one of the new products released by Eleaf. Its name is Eleaf ELLO Mini. It's small in size and convenient for you to carry. ELLO Mini has a new HW series coil, which brings you a delicious experience. This product is designed with a double air inlet. You can enjoy a lot of vapor experience.

Where can you buy these two equipment? You can go to Eleaf's website to see it. There are a lot of new products on the website. The official website is istick.org. There must be one of your favorite products on the website.

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