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I Vape Because It Is Cheaper

Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, I must choose electronic cigarettes. Because electronic cigarettes are healthy for me, they do not produce second-hand smoke, and they do not affect others. Most of all, I think it's very cost-effective. I vape because it's cheaper.

Recently, I am using a Eleaf mod. This device has two replaceable dual 18650 cells. It is called Eleaf iStick Pico Dual TC200W box mod. It's compact, but still powerful enough to output 200W power. You use its special charger, and you can quickly charge. It can also be used as an power bank to charge other electronic devices. It supports firmware upgrades. I often upgrade to the latest firmware and experience super perfect vape. It's only $28.9 on the official authorized website. I vape because it's cheaper.

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