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Wismec has become a name synonymous with the e-cigarette community, and today we are going to see the newest kit to the growing Wismec line: Reuleaux RX Machina with Guillotine RDA Kit. The kit is unique in its fact that it has attractive honeycomb resin tube designs, rather than a common appearance in most kits.

Wismec is known for making flashy looking units and the Reuleaux RX Machina kit is no exception it’s a really attractive unit. The vape appears to be well constructed. there are no visible defects in my mod, and buttons operated properly and the screen was vibrant and easy to read. The atomizer of Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina with Guillotine RDA Kit is a detachable structure and using no traditional thread connection, so t is much more convenient to clean and maintain. For a starter unit it’s hard not to like the Reuleaux RX Machina kit, it's simple, compact and provides excellent flavor.

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