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Eleaf iJust X――E-cigarette With Large Battery And Atomizer Capacity

For some of us, we attaches great importance to the convenience products bring to us. Taking mobile phones as an example, we are more inclined to buy mobile phones with enduring battery capacity, because it will bring much inconvenience to us when it runs out of power while charging is not available.

iJust X, a E-cigarette product from Eleaf, completely meet our needs for bringing convenience.

Appearance Design
Judging from its appearance, we cannot find much advantages except for its simplicity in design. For light-weighted e-cigarette fans, iJust X may not be a good choice, since the weight and size of it are respectively 203.5g and 50.7mm* 25.7mm* 101mm, absolutely a gigantic one compared with others.

Powerful Battery
Despite its disadvantage in weight, its battery capacity, which is 3000mAh, supplies the gap. With a powerful battery, it is saves us more time by expanding the time gap between charging and recharging battery. In addition to its large power capacity, it has the capability to produce output power of 50w. What's more, there is lights on the battery to show the battery life clearly and concisely.

Large atomizer capacity
The capacity of iJust X has reached an amazing amount, which is 7 ml. This large capacity enables customers to have a longer time for refilling. For people who loves

large atomizer capacity, iJust X is definitely a good choice.

Easy refilling and cleaning
To refill the atomizer, we only need to remove the top cap. As for all the parts iJust X can be detached, it provides much convenience for customers to clean.

As is known from all the information above, iJust X provides much convenience to us and it is one of the highly recommended e-cigarettes from Eleaf.
Click http://www.istick.org/eleaf-ijust-x-kit.html to learn more.

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