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iJust NexGen――Hot Selling Vapes Recommendation

iJust NexGen is a cylindrical e-cigarette product launched by Eleaf. With exquisite design and multiple functions, iJust NexGen has received excellent feedback and positive comment from customers.

The whole e-cigarette is designed as a cylinder, the diameter and height of which are respectively 24.5mm and 117mm and thus makes it looks much more delicate and easier to hold than the cuboid ones. A turn on/off button with LED lights is on the top part of the battery. The whole style of design can be described as simple and elegant. Various colors is available, including silver, black, white, blue, red and gray, of which white enjoys the greatest popularity.

Although iJust NexGen are portable in design, it is with a 3000 mAh battery, which is capable of lasting longer and providing a better vaping experience. As what have been mentioned above, there is a button with LED lights on the battery, which shows the battery life. There are four colors in total, green, orange, blue and red. Green stands for full battery, while red color means low battery.
When charging the battery, the built-in dual circuit protection system and 2A charging current ensures the safety and speed of the charging process.

The capacity of its atomizer is 2 ml, which is not that large than large capacity ones. To fill the atomizer, we only need to retract the drip tip, which is easy to operate. In addition, all the parts of the atomizer can be reassembled, thus it is quite easy to clean.

From all that have been mentioned above, we can come to the conclusion that iJust NexGen is portable and
user- convenient. It is one of the highly recommended e-cigarette products by Eleaf.

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