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Vaping, A Good Way to Protect the Environment

Nowadays, the green life principle has been advocated among people to protect our environment. As we know, our environment has become worse and worse due to poisonous gas released from different channels. So it is time for us to protect our environment and for smokers, they can change their ways of smoking, that is, to replace the traditional cigarette with electronic cigarette.

The traditional cigarette will produce gas that does great harm to the environment like carbonic oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide etc. With more gas produced into the market, the environment will get increasingly worse. The e-cigar can reduce this harm to a large extent as e-cigars produce the smoke by heating the e-juice and this smoke contains less or no poisonous gas. From this perspective, we can know that vaping is a healthier way. If smokers can replace their cigarettes with e-cigars, our environment can be greatly improved over a period of time.

Smoking will produce the open fire that may cause the fire. Imagine that when you are going to climb the mountains, a small cigarette end may trigger the forest fire. If many people don’t pay attention to this, our forestry area will be narrowed. On the contrary, no naked flame will occur in vaping so that you don’t need to worry this problem. And we all know that smoking has been prohibited in some public areas, but you can vape in most of areas if you cannot control your addiction.

Compared with smoking, vaping does good to our environment for it produces less poisonous gas. For the sake of protecting the environment, e-cigars can be alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

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