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What Are Foods With Low GI Value?

Some foods, such as carbohydrates, rise rapidly and cause excessive insulin secretion in the body after eating. But suddenly elevated insulin would promote the formation of body fat. So, it's essential to choose low GI foods in the diet. What are the foods with low GI value?

Oatmeal can reduce the blood sugar which has very good effect of reducing weight, and contain dietary fiber that can effectively relieve constipation. Oats can be used as a staple food during weight loss, but be careful not to eat too much.

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Spinach is rich in rich plant fiber, can increase the function of the stomach.

Bitter Gourd 
Many people do not like to eat bitter gourd, but balsam pear is rich in dietary fiber which can alleviate the absorption of fat effectively. Balsam pear contains vitamin C that can accelerate the metabolism of lipid food. Hence, eating bitter gourd properly can lose weight effectively.

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