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The ERC Head DIY Manual

The ECR head is remarkably simple in structure, which consists of a top cap, heating wire with pure cotton wick, coil base, insulating ring and connect pin.
How to rebuild a coil by yourself? 
First, pull out the top cap, the connect pin and insulating ring, roll the heating wire around a screw driver and then fix the screw driver into the slot;
Second, put back the top cap, put one end of the heating wire between the notch and the insulating ring and bend it down along the notch, put another end through the insulating ring and bend it down, cut out the spare parts;
Third, put back the connect pin into the coil base, take out the screw driver and place the heating wire in the middle position, cross pure cotton into the heating wire, make sure the holes are well stuffed with pure cotton and finally cut out spare parts along the holes.
Tips: Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the pure cotton so as to make the cotton fully soaked before vaping.

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