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How To Maintain Your Eleaf iStick Pico 25 Mod

Your iStick Pico 25 mod is the heart of your vaping setup, without it your vape is worthless. So, caring for your iStick Pico 25 mod is of the utmost importance.

Your 510 connection on your iStick Pico 25 should be free and clear of any debris and you should check this out regularly. You want to have that clean connection as it causes less stress on the batteries versus a dirty connection which causes more stress on the batteries.

Keep your battery venting holes clean and clear of debris as well. Checking your battery connections and making sure these are free of debris is very helpful as well.

Make sure to wipe off any e-juice that gets on your device as the e-juice could leak into your device and ruin the circuit board.

Never ever over tighten your ELLO atomizers on your device, this may cause problems with your iStick Pico 25 mods 510 connection.

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